Youth overwhelmed, applaud AAP

New Delhi, Dec 8: This time, young people who are usually considered indifferent to politics turned out in large numbers to vote in Delhi. And many of them also said they were very impressed Sunday by the performance of the Aam Aadmi Party.

At 6.30 p.m. Sunday, the AAP recorded wins on 22 seats and was leading in five of the Delhi assembly’s 70 constituencies.

“It was the first time I was voting. A lot of my friends voted for AAP. Some of us even volunteered for the party’s campaign. So seeing the results, we are really excited. This comes as a change from the usual predictability of ‘if not Congress, then BJP’,” said Revant Soni, a student of IIT Delhi.

Anant Singh, a student of Amity University who too voted for AAP, was overjoyed: “Now I have hopes of seeing a better Delhi.”

Even those who did not cast their votes for the AAP said the scale of its victory has changed their perspective.

“People are no longer emotional voters. This has been proven this time. You need more than an established brand name to establish your legitimacy. I credit the AAP with also increasing the turnout of voters this year,” said Reshma Soni, a student of business administration at the Fore School of Management.

“Just a year-old party, and look how the people of Delhi have supported the AAP. People have voted for change, and this has given birth to a new revolution in the nation,” Ankit Sinha, a student at Delhi University, told IANS.

Akanksha Gupta and Shweta Sengar, friends who were together in their support of the AAP, said Sunday that the voices of young people were now being heard in politics.

“On these results hinge the future of millions. Now, we know that the common man or woman cannot be ignored. It feels special, the thought that my voice counts,” said Akanksha Gupta, who said she spent her Sunday glued to television, keeping abreast of the tally of different parties.

Shweta Sengar, who studies at Delhi University, told IANS: “Defeating Sheila Dikshit from her own constituency is a big thing for Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP. It is the power of the common man. No doubt, AAP has turned out to be a big game changer in Delhi.”

The Election Commission said there were over 4.5 lakh young voters in Delhi.