100-year-old ‘iconic’ ‘Irish’ ‘Danny Boy’ song written by Englishman

Washington, Jan. 1: The 100-year-old ballad ‘Danny Boy,’ which was presumed to be of Irish origin, was actually written by an Englishman.

Fred Weatherly, a prolific songwriter – and later successful lawyer – who published 1,500 songs, was the person behind the song, it has been revealed.

Anthony Mann, Weatherly’s great-grandson, said that one of the mysteries was how an Englishman, who’d never been to Ireland, was able to write something that immediately took off for the Irish. The answer to the question lies with Weatherly’s sister-in-law, Margaret Weatherly, who was an Irish immigrant, and who sailed to the US with Fred Weatherly’s brother in search of silver in Colorado, CBS News revealed.

It was on a return trip back to England in 1912 that Margaret introduced Fred to the ancient Irish song, ‘The Londonderry Aire.’

Fred fused the haunting melody with his song ‘Danny Boy,’ which later became a hit. (ANI)