2013: year of maximum Internet IPOs since 2000

Washington, Jan. 1: 2013 reportedly saw the maximum number of Internet IPOs since 2000, a researcher has revealed.

Birinyi Associates has revealed that 26 Internet and social media companies went public in 2013, raising a total of 5.39 billion dollars.

According to Mashable, the credit goes to Facebook, who went public in 2012, and raised the aggregate figure for Internet IPOs to 18.3 billion dollars, but only 17 such offerings existed that year.

However, the dot-com era produced a much larger crop as 89 companies went public, raising 9.58 billion dollars, while in 1999, that number was more than twice as high, 188, which only raised $15.86 billion, still less than what was raised last year.

The report said that the most anticipated IPO in 2013 was that of microblogging site Twitter, raising 1.82 billion dollars. (ANI)