2014 will destroy all past polls traditions: Narendra Modi

New Delhi, Jan. 5: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the polls in 2014 will destroy all past poll traditions and that it was the first time that an election had become a people’s movement.

“The polls in 2014 will destroy all past poll traditions, it’s the first time an election has become a people’s movement. Voters in 2014 need to go by track record, not tape record,” said Modi.

He further said that there should be proper policy framework for taxation in the country.

“There should be proper policy framework for taxation, the country needs intent and not promises,” said Modi.

“We have the will-power to transform the country. The way to end corruption is by making the state progressive and policy driven,” he said.

He also promised to have a re-look at the taxation system if BJP came to power, adding that, “We don’t need leaders from Mars to ensure development.”

Furthermore, he said that he did not care about the allegations that have been put on him and felt proud instead.

“When senseless allegations are made against me, I feel people are so great to have lifted a tea seller so high,” said Modi.

He also targeted the Congress saying that it had transformed the demographic dividend into a demographic disaster. (ANI)