New `all-in-one` smart Kiwi Move device helps tackle your daily chores

Washington, Jan. 20(ANI): A smart activity tracker reportedly reduces the need for multiple wearable techs as it tracks the wearer’s daily activities, syncs it with internet-enabled devices and its supporting app analyses wearer’s behaviour and suggests improvements over time.

The Kiwi Move multi-use activity tracker helps in tracking daily physical activities, controlling internet devices at home and if one is making a smoothie, they can simply dictate the recipe and the app would update the shopping list as well as the calorie count.

According to Mashable, designed by Kiwi Wearable Technologies, the device automatically updates one’s daily workout info and suggests ways to improve over time, including specific exercise pattern.

Kiwi’s CEO Ali Nawab said that the device is their vision for the future for wearable tech ad they aim to make single-function devices a thing of the past, adding that wearable tech should be multi-functional.

The device works with iOS and Android devices by using Bluetooth and WiFi and would be available for a pre-order at a promotional price of 99 dollars and begin shipping in July, the report added. (ANI)