Analysts estimate Apple broke 55.3mn sales record with iPhone 5S, 5C

Washington, Jan. 21: Apple, with its latest iPhone 5S and 5C models, reportedly broke sales record of 50 million units in the last quarter, market analysts have estimated.

The tech giant is expected to release its fourth quarter results in the coming week but analysts have already estimated the sales to be around 55.3 million units of the latest versions of Apple’s flagship product.

According to Mashable, although, it is not unusual for Apple to break an iPhone sales record, as it has been achieving that since 2010 for its Q1 results, but breaking into the 50-million range is new territory for Apple.

The latest models, iPhone 5S with a fingerprint scanner and the low-cost 5C version were introduced in September and Apple began selling its iPhone via world’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile, this moth.

Last week, China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua has revealed that Apple had already sold ‘millions’ of iPhones through the carrier, the report added. (ANI)