Assamese farmers do brisk business during Magh Bihu Festival

Guwahati (Assam), Jan.13: Farmers in Assam are doing brisk business during the harvest festival of’Magh Bihu’.

Men, women and children dressed in vibrant attires attended special fair organised to boost sales of agricultural products in the area.

A five-day fair in Guwahati that started on January 9 and will conclude on Monday was organised by the state authorities with the aim to help the farmers, small traders and related businessmen dealing with agricultural products.

The fair also gives an opportunity to the budding culinary artists putting them on a bigger platform, as people visiting the fair get a taste of their cooking talents.

Organisers said the fair markets traditional goods as well as showcases the cultural ethos of the province

“The purpose here is to provide a market to the Self Help Groups from various parts of Assam. So, we invited them and they brought their special food items for the market here. The people of Guwahati usually don’t get fresh items so they are able to access fresh food from here,” said organiser Binita Deka

Some of the traditional food items that were prepared include Pitha, Tilar Laru, Sunga Pitha, Tekeli Pitha, rice cakes and coconut sweets were being prepared and sold in the fair.

Traditional rice grinder called “Dheki” was also being exhibited during the fair and

women were seen grinding rice for rice cake preparations

A budding chef participating in the fair said she was thrilled to make a quick buck by putting out a stall.

“I am very happy to come to this fair and I have also set up a stall, we selling fresh rice cakes and people are liking it. This fair is helping people like us working in the SHG,” Runumi, a participant said.

The festival is also celebrated through feasts and bonfires. Young people put up makeshift huts, from bamboo, leaves and thatch.

Magh Bihu is a harvest festival of Assam. It concludes the harvesting season of the month “Maagha” which is from January to February.

People visit their dear ones and invite guests during the Magh Bihu celebration,

It continues for a week and also throughout the month of “Maagha”. (ANI)