US athletes warned not to wear uniforms outside Winter Olympics venues in Sochi

Washington, Jan 25: US athletes have reportedly been issued a warning not to wear their uniforms outside the venues of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, where they would be accompanied by US security officials in the various events of the Games.

The news about the security steps being taken to safeguard the US Olympic team follow revelations that Russian authorities are searching for a wanted terror suspect in and around the vicinity of the upcoming Games.

According to CNN, the US State Department warned athletes, coaches and officials not to wear their red-white-and-blue Olympic uniforms when away from competition, with an official saying that an American athlete should not advertise his/her identity outside the Olympic venues.

The official confirmed that the advice was provided by the security coordinator of the country’s Olympic team, and the report mentioned that the security for individual athletes will be very tight with State Department security personnel to accompany athletes to every single event and venue.

The report further said that the number of US security officials on the ground with the US team in Sochi is likely to be considerable given there are more than 230 athletes and 270 coaches and other officials.

State Department estimates also mention that roughly 10,000 US citizens are expected to attend the Games as spectators, the report added. (ANI)