Australian cop pleads guilty to copying sex video

Sydney, Jan 14: A former Australian policeman Tuesday pleaded guilty to copying a private sex video he found in the mobile of a woman who came to police for help.

Alexander Preston-Stanley, 27, appeared in court Tuesday for crimes described as a “gross and substantial” breach of duty and an abuse of the trust the victim had placed in police, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

He was working as a probationary constable at the Tuggeranong police station in April last year when the woman came to make a complaint about a crime.

The officer took her mobile as part of the investigation and found a video of the victim having sex while browsing it. He copied the video from the victim’s mobile and later showed it to another officer.

Later, Preston-Stanley and the same officer visited the victim’s house and the colleague realised she was the woman in the video.

The officer reported Preston-Stanley’s crime, sparking an internal investigation within the Australian Federal Police. He made a full confession during the investigation and resigned from his post.

The case later came before the Australian Capital Territory Magistrates Court where prosecutors described Preston-Stanley’s actions as a breach of his duty, an abuse of his position and an abuse of the victim’s trust in police.

The prosecution said the victim’s privacy had been violated in a “very serious manner” and the circumstances of the video were humiliating and embarrassing when seen by someone who did not have her permission.

The magistrate said it was a matter that needed “careful attention and time” and it was safer to get a pre-sentence report.

The next hearing of the case will be on March 25.