Barcelona may complain over false information about Neymar

Madrid, Jan 28: FC Barcelona’s President Josep Maria Bartomeu said Monday that Barca did not rule out making a complaint against the person who had leaked “false” information about Neymar’s contract.

Media reports said that Bartomeu made the remarks during an interview on a local radio station, where he said he did not rule out making a complaint against the person who had leaked the false information and those who published it, Xinhua reported.

Spanish daily El Mundo reported that Neymar’s signing had cost 95.1 million euros instead of the officially stated 57.1 million euros.

This issue, among others, forced the resignation of former Barca president Sandro Rosell, who announced his decision Thursday, after Spanish judge Pablo Ruz said the contract would be investigated.

The investigation was the result of a complaint made over the deal by FC Barcelona’s member Jordi Cases, who stated now he will withdraw the complaint if Barca guarantees his immunity. However Ruz said the investigation will continue.

Bartomeu said that the club had evidence of who leaked these false figures about Neymar’s deal, while stating he believes that Cases did not do it.

Raul Sanllehi, from Barca’s economic area, revealed last Friday details of the deal between Brazil striker Neymar and FC Barcelona confronting the figure of 95.1 million euros published by El Mundo and the official figure of 57.1 million euros.

Sanllehi gave details about the transfer of the player, which cost 57.1 million euros, Neymar’s salary (56.7 million euros in five years) and other agreements reached with Santos, Neymar Jr. Foundation and N& N (a company owned by Neymar’s parents).

According to Sanllehi the total transaction would amount to 86.2 million euros, although he warned the result made no sense because the items were different and should not be added.

After all explanations Bartomeu said they were very proud of the contract and were sure it was legal as leading lawyers had reviewed it.