Barry Gibb admits sibling rivalry among brothers in Bee Gees

London, Jan 31: Barry Gibb has shed light on sibling rivalry among brothers, twins Maurice and Robin, in their world-famous band ‘Bee Gees’.

The 67-year-old musician said on Piers Morgan Live that there is a different kind of rivalry between a group and a group of brothers because then the enmity is in the blood, the Daily Express reported.

Gibb asserted that the trio was very competitive, but Robin, who passed away in 2012, was the most competitive with him while Maurice was the mediator.

He continued saying that Robin and he disconnected about 12 years ago, but when Maurice passed away in 2003, the duo gravitated back towards each other a little bit.

Gibb asserted that losing his brothers was a very strange experience for him and he had a hard time dealing with it, but the fact remains that he really misses them. (ANI)