Bengal sex workers fair to celebrate ‘women in resistance’

Kolkata, Jan 13: Beginning Jan 29, sex workers from across the country will celebrate at a six-day festival here women who defied social barriers.

Organised by Durbaar Mahila Samanwaya Committee – a sex workers’ collective in West Bengal, this seventh chapter of the sex workers’ fair has been themed “Women in protest, Women in resistance”.

Each day, as many as 3,000 members of the marginalised community will gather at the Triangular Park in south Kolkata for the event.

“Since the venue is small, around 3,000 participants can be accommodated per day. So there will be a system of rotation. Through film screenings, theatre, dance etc, we will highlight brave women to inspire the community,” the Committee’s spokesperson Mahasweta Mukherjee told IANS.

Both male and female sex workers as well as their children will be encouraged to be part of the fair.

The day will start with discussions and debates on hardcore topics that plague sex workers, including HIV control, education and health. The evening sessions would include movie shows and cultural programmes.

“Seminars and workshops will be held during the day where social activists will also participate,” said Mukherjee.