Now Bhushan seeks referendum on deployment of forces in Naxal hit areas

New Delhi, Jan.12,: After voicing his opinion for a referendum on deployment of forces in Kashmir, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Prashant Bhushan is in the centre of another controversy for asking a referendum on deployment of paramilitary forces in Maoist affected areas.

According to various news reports, Bhushan also favoured Maoist joining the AAP movement.

He stated three conditions under which the forces should deployed by the state or central government. The first case being the prevention of infiltration through the borders, and forces can only be deployed by the Centre. The case could be of communal riots where the state government should have the power to invoke armed forces deployment in the region. And in third case, civil security could be provided to people and consent should be taken from them for deployment of forces.

He further said that he is in favour of a referendum on deployment of forces in Naxal hit areas as it falls in the third category.

He said the armed forces deployed in such areas only serve the interest of big industrialist rather than the helpless tribals.

Earlier, Bhushan had suggested that a referendum be carried out among the people of Kashmir on the need for the armed forces to continue handling internal security in the state.

He had said that that in keeping with participatory democracy, locals in the Kashmir Valley should be allowed to determine whether they want the army for internal security or not.

“It is very important to take the wishes of the people into consideration about their own security,” he said. (ANI)