Brett King to talk on Indian banking’s future

Bangalore, Jan 13: Brett King, founder of the world’s first direct mobile-only bank – Movenbank – will speak on future of banking in India at a seminar Jan 15 and Jan 17 in Mumbai.

Organised by global software major Oracle India and leading Indian IT portal CXO of Trivone Digital Services, the two-day seminar is targetted at banking and financial institutions and will deliberate on challenges and policy matters faced by the banking sector in sustaining and expanding their operations.

“King’s talk will focus future of banking and increasing use of technology to spur business in compliance with policies and reforms,” Trivone chief executive L. Subramanyan said in a statement here Monday.

King, who authored the seminal books “Bank 2.0″ and “Bank 3.0″ is of the view that customer behaviour had been changing over the last couple of years.

“Banks need to rapidly innovate for adapting to changing trends as their future lies in spread of technology and growth. As generation next customers will interact more with banks through smart phones and computers, banks have to improve their service quotient,” King said in the statement.

Noting that banks and financial institutions have gone through a transformation riding on technology, Oracle India vice-president Shailendra Kumar said the financial services sector would have to innovate more to create a unique customer experience.

“As the entry of new banks has potential to disrupt the financial system, the seminar will brainstorm on new technologies, which will differentiate new players as they develop business models,” he added.

King’s other bestselling book is “Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow”.