Britain to release paper on Scottish independence

London, Jan 16: Britain will launch Friday a new analysis paper on global implications of Scottish independence, outlining a variety of international benefits for Scots to stay in Britain, Xinhua reported.

“It will discuss how the UK’s overseas network ensures the safety of Scottish people abroad, supports Scottish businesses and promotes shared values, such as democracy, human rights and the fight against poverty,” the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said Wednesday on its official website.

The paper, to be unveiled in Glasgow of Scotland Friday, will examine how Scotland-based businesses can “benefit directly” from Britain’s efforts to protect its economic interests, such as “defending Scotch whisky against counterfeits, discriminatory or excessive taxation, trade barriers and other restrictions”.

“The paper will note that Scottish businesses can draw on the help of UK trade and investment in 169 locations in over 100 markets worldwide, and from the British Council, which is represented in 110 countries,” the website said.

The paper will also analyse the implications of Scottish independence concerning “an independent Scotland’s membership of international bodies such as the European Union and NATO”.

“I believe that we are safer and stronger together, and that together we can do more good in the world,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague was quoted in the announcement as saying.

Scotland’s bid for independence is being watched closely recently.