Soon, make calls with Star Wars-style 3D hologram phones!

London, Jan. 6: Star Wars-style 3D hologram phones could soon be a reality, as a Polish firm is working on such a system that could allow users to see 3D hologram images of the receiver.

Leia Display Systems, named after the Star War’s heroine, intends to take the video phone call feature to its next level.

According to Mirror, to make a call, a person is required to sit in front of a high tech camera having two lenses and a microphone, which generate two images that are blended together and streamed through the internet to the person on the other end of the line.

The images are then received on a hologram machine and projected onto a screen of water vapour.

Leia Display Systems ‘s CEO Marcin Panek said that they are on the frontier of technology that was imagined in movies 40 years ago, it is science fiction becoming science fact.

Panek further explained that currently they have hologram making machines that are more than six feet high but they are designing smaller versions that can be set up on a coffee table in a living room.

He hoped to sell the hologram telephone devices within the next five years and claimed that in future, there would be fully holographic rooms in which 3D objects could be viewed from every angle. (ANI)