Now, your car can park itself sans you in the driver-seat

New Delhi, Jan.10: The “automated parking valet” created by French equipment maker Valeo is among the technology innovations on display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

French equipment maker Valeo has come up with an interesting innovation that self-parks the car by detecting available space.

According to News 24, the self-parking is directed by an app which is capable of detecting, controlling and maneuvering its way into available parking space.

Car drivers can activate the feature from their smart phones and use the app to park and summon the car back.

The system relies on sensors and some other electronics, which is already available in most of the cars. Although, the system may require a camera to recognize and avoid reserved parking spaces.

Valeo vice president Guillaume Devauchelle said that it is advisable that the driver remains in view of the car or the smart phone screen as a safety precaution.(ANI)