Chicago woman accidently receives present from Obamas for Xmas

Washington, Jan 3: A woman in Chicago accidently received a present from the Obama family which was meant for Sasha and Malia’s godmother for Christmas.

The White House confirmed that the present was delivered to the wrong person and said the family appreciates that the woman intends to send the package to the right house.

Alane Church told NBC’s ‘Today’ show that her family received a package from their uncle a week late and it had apparently been opened before it arrived, the Politico reported.

She said that parts of the old box were in the toilet paper box that the post office repackaged and in the bottom of the box was this extra gift, which turned out to be a very personal gift to Mama Kaye, godmother of Sasha and Malia Obama.

Church said that inside was a homemade photo book containing pictures of the Obama family.

She said that they wanted to keep it private for Mama Kaye, as it’s very special, private moments of their year 2013 together. (ANI)