China urges Syrians to hold talks for solution

Beijing, Jan 19: China has called on Bashar al-Assad led Syrian government and the opposition to start talks and find solutions.

“No matter how big the issue is, how deep the discrepancy is and how hard the difficulties are, as long as Syria’s two sides sit down, start a conversation and talk on, with the joint efforts of international community, a solution acceptable to all sides will come up,” Xinhua quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi as saying Saturday.

The minister’s comments came during a media briefing ahead of the Geneva II conference on Syria, scheduled to start next Wednesday (Jan 22).

The meet aims to bring delegations of the Syrian government and opposition to a negotiating table to end their conflict and start a political transition through the full implementation of the Geneva communique from June, 2012.

“Whether the Geneva II conference will take place as scheduled is an issue of major concern for the international community,” Wang said. “For both sides, starting talks is a major achievement in itself and a major threshold.”

The minister reviewed the three-year conflict in Syria, stressing the situation was very complicated and the reality showed military means could not resolve it.

“Political solutions through dialogue is the only correct path and the consensus of the international community. It is also the direction that parties should stick to,” Wang said.

China will continue to positive and constructive efforts towards a solution acceptable to all sides, the foreign minister added.