`Comatose` Schumacher may remain in `permanent vegetative state`

London, Jan 22: Formula One legend Michael Schumacher may reportedly be in danger of being left in a permanent vegetative state even as his family still holds fast to fading hopes of his recovery.

The seven-time German champion has been in a medically-induced coma since he hit his head on a rock in a ski accident in the last week of December at the French Alpine resort of Meribel.

According to the Mirror, although Schumacher is currently stable, doctors fear that due to Schumacher’s severe brain damage, he may suffer from apallic syndrome, or persistent vegetative state, which happens when a patient with severe brain damage is in a state of partial arousal rather than true awareness.

The report also mentioned that if doctors managed to bring Schumacher out of the coma, he may still be unable to speak, move or feed himself, adding that the father-of-two is ‘fed with probes, washed daily and moved again and again to avoid bed sores’ at the University Hospital in Grenoble, where he is getting treatment.

The report further said that induced comas, which give the brain time to heal, usually last two weeks at most but there are examples of patients being under longer, although a neurologist said that every day in a coma means that the chances decline that the situation is improving.

Despite the support, Schumacher’s family and friends have not been able to mask their concerns that he is nowhere near making a recovery, the report added. (ANI)