Congress and BJP must own responsibility for riots: Nitish Kumar

Patna, Jan.28, (AMI): Reacting to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s remark that ‘ there is a difference between 1984 and 2002 riots’, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday criticized hit the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) saying those responsible for the carnage must own up responsibility.

Kumar said Congress governments was responsible for the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 and Bhagalpur riots in 1989 while BJP was accountable for the 2002 riots in western Gujarat state.

“We don’t agree with it. Congress party is responsible for the anti Sikh 84riots, congress is responsible for the 1989 Bhagalpur riots as well and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s government is responsible for the 2002 Gujarat riots. There can be no two ways to it,” said Kumar.

On alliance between the Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Nitish said, “There is a huge difference between what Rahul Gandhi says and does. Even the public understands as much and will not buy his clarification on his party’s alliance with the RJD.”

“When Rahul tore up the ordinance shielding convicted legislators, we thought it meant something. We supported his stand. Some criticized him, but we backed him. We said each one reacts in one’s own way. But later it appeared to be a farce. Then what was the need to do it,” he added.

In an interview to Times Now editor in chief Arnab Goswami on Monday, Rahul Gandhi said: “The difference between the 1984 riots and the riots in Gujarat was that in 1984, the Government was trying to stop the riots. I remember, I was a child then, I remember the Government was doing everything it could to stop the riots. In Gujarat the opposite was the case. The Government in Gujarat was actually abetting and pushing the riots further.” (ANI)