Delhi CM says 90 % crimes take place in knowledge of police

New Delhi, Jan. 21: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while protesting over his demand for the suspension of Delhi Police personnel, who have been accused by his administration of dereliction of duty on Tuesday, said ninety percent of the crimes take place with the knowledge of the police.

“Almost 90 % of the crimes take place in the knowledge of the police which is extremely unfortunate and shameful,” said Kejriwal.

He further said that he was not sitting on a dharna for personal benefits, and that the people protesting there wanted to convey, that if any woman in the nation was raped, somebody had to take the responsibility.

“We are not here to protest for personal benefits. We are here to convey that if any woman in the nation is raped, somebody has to take the responsibility; otherwise women can never be safe. It’s not like no one is responsible,” said Kejriwal.

“If a Danish woman is raped; the SHO of the area must be suspended. If a woman is burnt alive; the SHO of that area must be suspended. If a sex racket is going on; the ACP and the SHO of the area must be suspended,” he said.

On Monday evening, leaders from his party were seen on camera arguing aggressively with the police about allegedly beating up their supporters, including a law-maker named Akhilesh Tripathi, who was injured and moved to hospital.

Over 4,000 cops and several anti-riot vehicles have been deployed at the venue to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

Kejriwal says the Delhi Government must be given charge of the city’s police force which currently reports to the central government via the Home Ministry. His demand comes after last week’s gang-rape of a Danish tourist, and a controversial midnight raid by Law Minister Bharti in South Delhi’s Khirki Extension area.

The minister asked the police to arrest Ugandan citizens and raid a house where he alleged they were trafficking drugs and sex. The police refused, saying they had no warrant.

Braving the Delhi winter, Kejriwal slept on a mattress at the side of the road, right next to his blue Wagon R.

Four Metro stations have been shut near North Block. The police had asked Mr Kejriwal to shift his protest to Jantar Mantar, but their attempts failed.

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, after the cabinet meeting yesterday, met the Prime Minister and apprised him of the developments and the planned action.

Kejriwal has rejected Shinde’s offer that appropriate action will be considered against three Delhi Police cops the Chief Minister wants suspended after an inquiry. He has demanded the immediate suspension of the cops, who he has accused of dereliction of duty.

The AAP has also alleged that one of their ministers, Saurabh Bharadwaj, had been arrested and made to sit in a bus.

The Delhi Police has denied the charge. They said Bharadwaj had sat in the bus of his own accord. The cops disconnected the public address system in an attempt to make the protesters shift to Jantar Mantar, an area earmarked for demonstrations.

Both the BJP and the Congress have severely criticised Kejriwal for his unprecedented protest.

The BJP called it “anarchy”, while the Congress said he was “taking the law in his own hands.”

Shinde has asked Kejriwal to “maintain the dignity of the Chief Minister’s office.” (ANI)