Now, device that allows you to workout just about anywhere

Washington, Jan. 6: A new device unveiled at CES trade show in Las Vegas on Sunday, allows people to work out anywhere – a desk, an airplane seat and even while watching there are busy watching TV.

The handheld device, dubbed the Tao, looks similar to a computer mouse, and comes with an accompanying app (iOS and Android), Mashable reported.

The Tao coaches user through 50 exercises related to isometrics – science of applying pressure – that is the basis of many popular workouts like pilates and plank exercising – and adds a gaming element.

By holding the device portion (called the Tao WellShell) in hands and pushing hard, its internal pressure sensor works at muscles.

The Tao can also be used between user’s knees. Typically each rep is 20 seconds with six-second rest periods.

Although Tao hasn’t announced its price point, Philo Northrup, president and co-founder of Tao Wellness, said that it is likely to cost between 200 dollars to 300 dollars, when it is launched in fall 2014. (ANI)