EU urges Ukraine to reverse its anti-protest law

Brussels, Jan 21: Foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) Monday adopted a conclusion urging Ukraine to reverse its latest law which has prohibited common people from protesting.

Ukraine’s legislative acts would significantly restrict Ukrainian citizens’ fundamental rights of association, media and the press, and seriously curtail the activities of civil society organizations, Xinhua quoted the EU’s conclusion as stating.

It called on Ukrainian authorities to ensure that these developments are reversed and that its legislation is brought in line with Ukraine’s European and international commitments.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych Friday approved a law curbing street protests, a day after it was passed by the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

Stating that the law was passed under doubtful procedural circumstances, the EU called on all actors to exercise restraint and called on the authorities to respect and protect the peaceful demonstrators’ right to assembly and speech.

“All acts of violence must be duly investigated and those responsible brought to justice,” said the EU conclusion.