Ex-F1 boss vows more legal action against Google over privacy threat

Johannesburg, Jan. 27: Former Formula One boss Max Mosley has vowed more legal action against Google for violating his privacy after a German court ordered the internet giant to block photos of him at an orgy.

The 73-year old said he planned to take the US company to court in California and Britain as well, after German and French legal rulings came out in his favor in the past two months, News24 reports.

Mosley criticized Google as arrogant and “doing whatever it wants”, adding that morally its “management is simply immature”.

A Hamburg court ruled that Google must block six images of Mosley taken from a video of the orgy that was filmed by Britain’s now defunct News of the World tabloid.

Mosley said that he will legally battle Google over the search engine’s “auto-complete” function that suggests strings such as “Mosley prostitute video” when his name is entered in the search box. (ANI)