Ex-Pak PM Aziz to deny Musharraf’s claims in autobiography

Islamabad, Jan. 02: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is going to deny the claims of former military ruler General Pervez Muasharraf by revealing the important events of his tenure, including the 2007 emergency, in his autobiography, which is expected to hit the stands within a few weeks.

According to the Nation, the London Publishers will focus on an important portion of Aziz’s autobiography that would reveal the happenings of November 3, 2007, when emergency was imposed in the country by Muasharraf, for which he is presently facing a treason case in a special court.

Musharraf and his lawyers have repeatedly contended that he was not alone in making the decision about the emergency as consultations were held with the federal cabinet under the then prime minister Aziz.

However, Aziz and top civilian authorities of that time have continuously denied of being part of the decision, saying that it was the inner circle of Musharraf which arrived on the decision to impose emergency. (ANI)