Facebook takes down woman’s ‘too adult’ weight loss picture

Sydney, Jan. 13: Facebook has reportedly removed a fully-clothed weight loss picture of Marilyn McKenna, wife of former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, for promoting “adult content”.

After losing 54kg post a lap band surgery, Marilyn, who weighed 120kg six years ago, posted a picture of herself wearing her old baggy pants that fitted both her legs inside one of its own while she held the waist-band out to show weight loss.

According to news.com.au, Marilyn was asked to remove the picture because it was promoting “idealised physical appearances” and was “policy violating”.

Justifying its course of action, a Facebook representative emailed her saying that she was promoting adult content, referring to her photo as a promotional advertisement.

Marilyn followed a strict regime that led to her weight loss. She has been actively documenting it on her Facebook fan page and blogs.(ANI)