‘Find time for Jesus Christ’ campaign backfires with ‘mixed’ iPhone messages

London, Jan. 24: A pamphlet released by a religious group, aimed at the iPhone generation to find some time for God, making it look as if the Saviour himself is texting them, has apparently backfired due to the unclear manner in which the message exchange has been depicted.

The religious pamphlet shows a message exchange, in which one asks the other (unclear if it is God or the person) that he has no time for him.

According to metro.co.uk, instead of illustrating how young people don’t have time for Jesus, the ‘texts’ appear to reveal a hilarious show of indifference coming from the Saviour himself.

A Reddit user shared the image of the pamphlet and wrote that the religious group got the texts mixed up so it looks like Jesus doesn’t have time for you.

Responses to the post included one user wondering if Jesus was seeing someone else?, while another declared that Jesus Christ never has time for him anymore. (ANI)