‘Flow’ app rolled out for smooth Instagram browsing on iPad

Washington, Jan. 12: As Instagram refuses to bring in a tablet-optimised version of itself, a new app for the iPad reportedly allows for a smoother browsing on the tablet.

The Flow app is free and boats of great design that makes it easy to use and comprises of all the features including liking a photo, commenting, searching, hashtag and location among others.

However, the task of uploading photos is still unavailable as Instagram restricts third-party apps from doing so, Cnet reports.

After signing in through the app, a user is presented with a three-by-four grid of thumbnails and a narrow menu bar runs along the left edge and one can swipe sideways to scroll through the feed.

The Flow app only supports landscape mode and users can tap on photos to expand or contract them, hit on the heart symbol to like or unlike a picture and other such gestures common to the photo-sharing site.

The app also features an explore button in the left side panel that includes most-popular charts, brands, and tags and a search button for tags, users, and places while the settings button lets one turn on or off autoplay for Instagram videos and usernames in the feed.

The report said that the app also has a “peek” feature where one can tap a username, profile photo, and hashtags to bring up a small minifeed window. (ANI)