‘Frustrated’ Nadal calls for match referees ‘who understand the game’

Sydney, Jan 21: World number one Rafael Nadal has reportedly called for match referees ‘who understand the game’, saying that the increased use of technology in tennis is causing umpires to lose feeling for how the game is being played.

Nadal was given two time violations during his three-set win over Kei Nishikori in the Australian Open fourth round, and was also warned for communicating with his coach and uncle, Toni.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, although the Spaniard accepted that he needed to take less time before points and had breached the rules, but he was frustrated for not being warned before being given the second time violation at a key moment in the third set.

Nadal further said that it is important to have umpires and management staff who understand the game or else, completely turn-over the game watch to Hawk Eye and other technology, adding that on particularly hot days or after ‘crazy’ rallies, it was in the interest of the game that players be given enough time to pull themselves together.

Nadal further said that the technology is making the referees worse instead of better as the officials now rely on them for every single point or error. (ANI)