Soon, new ‘futuristic’ wheelchair that has 360 degrees of motion

Washington, Jan. 12: Researchers have created a new futuristic wheelchair that has 360 degrees of motion and can turn on a dime.

Satoshi Sugi, the founder and CEO of Whill, said that his neighbor used a wheelchair, and didn’t like being seen in public as weak or crippled, the Verge reported.

Sugi partnered with engineers from Sony, Toyota, and Olympus to build the Whill, which has a very modern and sleek design.

The controller to steer the high-tech wheelchair was designed to mimic the experience of using a mouse with a computer. Each front wheel on this wheelchair is made up of 24 separate tiny tires, which allows easy maneuverability indoors. It also has a four-wheel drive to take care of rough terrain outdoors.

The Whill tops at 6 mph. It has a lead acid battery, which takes about five hours to charge and provides enough power to go on a 15-mile trip. (ANI)