German diplomats survive attack in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Jan 14: Two German diplomats Monday survived an attack on their car by unknown assailants in Saudi Arabia’s Qatif governorate, Saudi Press Agency quoted local police as saying.

A vehicle owned by the German embassy was hit by gunfire from unknown assailants in Awwamiyya town, a police spokesman said. “The vehicle was burned, but the two German diplomats onboard survived the incident with the help of a Saudi citizen,” Xinhua quoted him as saying.

Saudi security authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

One week ago, Qatif governorate, with a high Shiite population, witnessed heavy shooting by unknown assailants who targeted a police vehicle, which led to the death of a policeman.

The Saudi interior minister released two years ago a list of 23 wanted individuals on rioting and random shooting charges in Qatif. Names on the list have dropped to eight after most of the suspects were arrested.