New ‘GlassesOff’ app claims to eliminate need for reading glasses

Washington, Jan. 24: Israeli app-maker has developed a new app, called “GlassesOff”, that claims to eliminate the need for reading glasses for aging eyes.

The app also claims to even give “super-vision” beyond the 20/20 standard that an optometrist shoots for, Fox News reports.

CEO Nimrod Madar said it is based on a very simple theory that vision actually happens in the brain as the eye captures light, the brain interprets that data, and the app can alter how the brain interprets that information.

The GlassesOff app works by presenting special designs, called Gabor patterns, like fuzzy, vertical bars in a 12 to 15 minutes sessions, during which the app trains the user to look for these patterns as they flash on-screen for a fraction of a second in varying size, orientation shape and contrast patterns, by which the neurons in the brain gets stimulated.

It can work wonders for the sufferers of presbyopia, a condition that hits nearly everyone by early 40s, and the app is ideally suited for people aged 40 to 60.

The app is going to cost 59 dollars after its testing phase is over, followed by a subscription price to maintain the brain’s newfound visual acuity.

Presently, the app is available for the iPhone and iPad only, but an Android version should be released in the coming few months, the report added. (ANI)