HRW calls on world powers to end atrocities on Syrians

Washington, Jan. 21: The Syrian government’s policy of waging war by killing civilians and increasing abuses by rebel groups has not put enough pressure from world leaders to end atrocities and hold perpetrators to account, Human Rights Watch (HRW) World Report 2014 has revealed.

The initial international response was more effective, when several African countries faced mass atrocities, HRW said.

According to HRW report on more than 90 countries, a misguided equation of democracy with the presumed desires of a majority prompted rulers to suppress minority views and groups, most notably in Egypt.

Executive Director of HRW Kenneth Roth blamed Russia and China for neutralizing the UN Security Council and enabling the killing of Syrian civilians by both sides.

HRW said Syria requires real pressure to stop the killing and allow the delivery of the humanitarian aid they need to survive.

According to the report, Gulf countries and individuals are arming and funding extremist opposition groups responsible for atrocities, while Iran and Hezbollah back the abusive government of Bashar al-Assad. (ANI)