Indian charged with murdering wife in Malaysia

Singapore, Jan 17: An Indian man in Malaysia has been charged in a court in the southeast Asian nation with murdering his wife.

Shashi Kumar, 27, was charged in a magistrate’s court with murdering between Dec 30 and Jan 3 Jolly Tewari, 28, who was a boutique worker at a bridal centre in Malyasia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, the Malysian Star reported Thursday.

If convicted, Shashi will face the death sentence under Section 302 of Malaysia’s penal code.

The charge against Shashi was read in English before magistrate Erry Shahriman Nor Aripin Thursday.

Kumar was nabbed Jan 5 in connection with the murder of his wife, whose body was found with slash wounds on the neck and a stab wound to her chest Jan 3.

Police officer Mohan Singh said the woman had been working and living at the bridal centre for the past six months and her husband was also living with her.

According to Mohan, the husband of the woman claimed to have last seen her alive at the bridal centre Dec 30.