New iPhone app lets you watch, browse YouTube videos simultaneously

Washington, Jan. 22: A new app for iPhone reportedly allows users to watch and browse YouTube videos at the same time, allowing for a more desktop-like user interface.

Youtopia for iPhone takes features from a regular desktop browser that allows channel surfing and watching a clip simultaneously and incorporates it into the mobile app.

The app gives a more complete YouTube experience by allowing users to toggle between two modes, full screen and an overlaid interface, Cnet reports.

The overlaid interface allows for desktop-like browsing with various options, including Featured, Channels and Search, in a toolbar down the left side and a scrolling thumbnail list of related vids on the right.

The playback controls appear across the bottom and users can easily flick through other clips and tap on one to immediately watch it.

Favourites and subscribed channels show up in thumbnails and search results include user ratings as well.

The report said that the app also offers a Data Plan Saving Mode that drops videos to a lower resolution when the iPhone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi. (ANI)