Iran to attend Geneva meet without accepting conditions

Tehran, Jan 21: Iran will attend the upcoming Geneva II conference on Syria without accepting any preconditions, the foreign ministry said Monday.

According to the ministry, Iran was one of the first countries that urged a political solution to the Syrian issue. ” The Geneva II conference can provide a proper ground for taking steps to solve the Syrian issue politically,” said Marzieh Afkham, the ministry’s spokeswoman.

She, however, stressed Iran “would not accept any preconditions for joining the Geneva II conference”.

Earlier Monday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sent Iran an invitation to the peace talks aimed at bringing together all sides to the Syrian crisis to settle their conflict.

But Washington urged the UN to rescind the invitation unless Tehran “fully and publicly” accepted the 2012 Geneva I communique, which stipulates the establishment of a transitional governing body in Syria.

Besides Afkham, a top Iranian lawmaker, also dismissed Monday the acceptance of the Geneva I communique as a precondition for Iran to participate in the Geneva II talks.