Iran condemns attack on its diplomat in Yemen

Tehran, Jan 19: Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Sunday condemned and urged trial of agents behind the terrorist attack Saturday on an Iranian diplomat, who was killed in Yemen.

The foreign ministry, condemning the attack in a statement, said it would use all political and legal means to follow the case in cooperation with the Yemeni government and punish the people behind the attack, reported the IRNA new agency.

It said the terrorist attacks in Sanaa shows violent and extremist image of the groups involved, acting in line with dirty interests of the enemies, who target unity and solidarity of the Muslims across the world.

“Evidently, such terrorist and violent measures will double Muslim nations’ hatred of terrorism, violence and extremism and their agents,” it said.

The ministry added it would also make the terrorist groups and their supporters isolated from the eyes of regional and Muslim nations.

Iran called on international organisations, countries and governments to take immediate measures to condemn such acts and take effective measures to uproot the terrorits, it said.

The assailants first tried to kidnap the diplomat, but opened fire when faced resistance, according to Press TV.

Yemen’s security sources said the diplomat died of wounds in hospital as the gunmen fired more than 10 shots at him.