Japanese companies come up with solutions for traffic, water supply issues

Tokyo, Jan.7: Nissan Motor Corporation and the city of Yokohama recently launched “Choimobi Yokohama” -Japan’s first one-way sharing service.

It’s a new concept for mobility within urban areas.

People can rent units of “NISSAN New Mobility Concept”, an ultra convenient electric vehicle.

They can drop off the vehicle at a different location from where they were hired, enabling one-way travel.

Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama, said:”This has great potential as it enables a more convenient lifestyle, and is an important tool to resolve various issues (traffic congestion and pollution).”

The scheme aims at using ultra-compact vehicles to improve lifestyles of people in the urban areas.

The small size of the electric vehicles holds out the prospect of easing traffic congestions, and improving access to tourist areas and communities.

The ultra-compact electric vehicle produces no emission, making it ideal for use in crowded city streets.

Toshiaki Otani, Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., said:”People would still be thinking that an electric vehicle is a car of the future, but as you know, we have already sold 83,000 units of NISSAN Lead EV so far. I would like to say that electric vehicles are becoming a part of our life as they are very convenient and easy to drive.”

While Nissan works with the government to harness the potential of ultra-compact EVs for the improvement of urban transportation in Japan, PASCO is working to ensure better water supply in the cities.

This facility manages the water supply business of Musashino city in Tokyo. It has the most advanced water management in the country.

Eighty per cent of the water supply in the city is pumped up from an underground source. The water is treated and then supplied to 139,000 citizens of 73,000 households.

The facility is equipped with an information system with data of underground water pipe in Musashino city.

The system was designed by PASCO.

Ryuji Suzuki of the Musashino City Water Department said:” Whenever there is any water leakage, it helps us locate the spot. At a glance, I can see what kind and size of water pipe is installed under the road. It helps to get information must faster now.”

The system enables immediate search of the current situations in the water supply system.

That information is available for free of charge, and open to real estate stakeholders and suppliers of water plumbing.

A customer said: “I came here to check the conditions of plumbing for transactions of real estate deals. I think it is very convenient because I can confirm it right away.”

PASCO is expanding its business to China and Thailand.

And, the introduction of this system in countries across Southeast Asia is expected in the near future. (ANI)