Jay Z being sued for $600mln over ‘Brooklyn Nets’ trademark

Washington, Jan. 24: Jay Z has been named as a defendant in a 600 million dollars lawsuit by a businessman for unlawfully trademarking the name ‘Brooklyn Nets’.

The claimant, Dr. Francois de Cassagnol, recently filed a pro se complaint with the Eastern District of the State of New York, asking for a juried trial over the matter, while demanding at least 600 million dollars in damages, RadarOnline reported.

In the court documents, Cassagnol has claimed that the NBA, Jay Z, and developer Bruce Ratner “fraudulently conspired” to use “loopholes” in the U.S. Patent Office so that they could use a term he said he registered more than ten years ago.

Furthermore, the plaintiff claimed he spoke with representative of the New Jersey Nets, before the team’s move in 2012, and obtained verbal confirmation that they would not use the term “Brooklyn Nets,” preferring instead “New York Nets.” (ANI)