Kazakhstan tighten drug tests over weightlifters

Almaty, Jan 23: Kazakhstan weightlifting federation has tightened drug tests for athletes, applying all obligations to the International Weightlifting Federation and the World Anti-Doping Agency, the federation said Wednesday.

“In November and December, 2013, the extraordinary conferences of federation with participation of trainers were held, also sport and an administrative board also participated, where the domestic policy was determined by the elicited facts, and the corresponding instructions were given to doctors, trainers and athletes.

“So now the internal control over food of athletes, reception of all medicines and vitamins is everywhere strengthened. Practice of preventive internal check of the Kazakhstan weightlifters in anti- doping laboratory in Almaty by WADA having accreditation is accepted,” Xinhua quoted representatives of the federation as saying.

The Kazakhstan weightlifting federation will be obliged to pay a penalty of $500,000 for nine athletes who were found of doping in 2013.