Now, manicure-friendly `Elektra Nails` stylus for smartphones

Washington, Jan. 20: False fingernails, called “Elektra Nails”, recently launched with a capacitive tip to use them on smartphones or tablet screens just like a stylus, are said to be manicure-friendly.

The nails, created by a company called Tech Tips, are neutral-colored so the owner can paint them to match her manicure, and the cuticle end can be filed to fit the finger, Cnet reports.

However, the company does not recommend that the user files the tip as it can interfere with its functionality.

According to the report, the nails will be available in packs of six index fingernails, plus adhesive strips, glue, cuticle stick, and prep pad for 14.95 dollars by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

The company suggests that instead of applying glue to the Elektra Nail, which lasts longer, but removing it with acetone can destroy the stylus’ function, the user should use an adhesive strip, which lasts only a few days but makes the nail reusable. (ANI)