Margot Robbie says kissing DiCaprio in `Wolf of Wall Street` wasn`t fun

Washington, Jan. 16: Margot Robbie has admitted that kissing her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in their recent movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ wasn’t as sexy

The 23-year-old actress, who played the DiCaprio’s wife in the new movie, admitted that though he’s “great” kisser, locking lips with him wasn’t as much fun, Contactmusic reported.

Robbie said that all of her girlfriends had interrogated her about how good a kisser was DiCaprio, and she told them that his screen kissing is great.

When her friends asked her about how romantic was the kiss; she said that there weren’t any fireworks, as doing the takes in 17 hours, made her hot and sweaty. (ANI)