MEA condemns misbehavior with Uganda nationals, ensures safety of foreign nationals

New Delhi, Jan. 18: Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin, after a meeting with African envoys on Saturday said that the behavior shown towards Uganda nationals by a Delhi Minister was condemnable, and that they have ensured the safety of foreign nationals in India to the African envoys.

“The meeting was related to the incident that happened on Thursday involving Uganda nationals. It was an isolated incident and an aberration, and we have ensured the safety of foreign nationals to our friends from Africa,” said Akbaruddin.

“There were more than twenty Uganda nationals in the incident, and as you are aware, we feel very strongly towards it. The behavior shown by the Delhi minister is condemned,” he said.

“We also told them that the Delhi police commissioner has been asked to make out a plan for more security of foreign nationals and has now set up a contact cell where foreign nationals can complaint about any kind of injustice or issues they face,” he added.

Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti carried out raids in South Delhi’s Khirki Extension late night on Wednesday, and reportedly had a brush with the local police.

Bharti and his supporters alleged that a sex trade and drug peddling racket was flourishing in the locality with the help of foreign nationals, mostly Nigerians.

Bharti had a hot argument with an assistant commissioner of police, even as his supporters created a lot of commotion.

Bharti demanded that the police take action against the offenders.

Later, Bharti told media that Malviya Nagar police station officer Vijay Pal, who had come to the spot, went away without taking any action.

“This is my area, Khirki village. People complained about Nigerian people indulging in prostitution and drugs supply, and the local people were facing trouble because of this,” said Bharti.

“I attend meetings to listen to people in which, people complained about Nigerian people who indulge in prostitution and drugs supply,” he said.

“We came here with a police gypsy and some of the girls tried to run away. We managed to stop two of them red-handed. Another car came with three girls,” he added.

“A local said the building is full of girls. We called police. First, they took much time to come here, and then, left us by refusing to raid the premises. They are not listening to me,” the Law Minister said.

“The police’s enquiry is very unsuccessful. They are not willing to search. All of the women are Nigerian,” Bharti said.

Badal Khan, a local resident, said: “Residents were going to Somnathji. They had also complained to police, but nothing happened. They said that women were supplying drugs and working as prostitutes. Police officers don’t want that they should be tested of drugs.” (ANI)