MJ’s disgraced doc Conrad Murray losses appeal on conviction

Washington, Jan 16: A California court has turned down Michael Jackson’s former doctor Conrad Murray’s appeal to have his conviction in the singer’s wrongful death trial overturned.

Murray, who was accused of giving a lethal dose of propofol to the ‘Thriller’ hit maker in 2009, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 and ordered a four-year prison sentence, Contactmusic reported.

The three-judge panel at the California 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded that Murray’s conviction should be upheld because his callous disregard for Jackson’s health and safety was shown throughout the trial.

From the manner in which Murray administered a number of dangerous drugs to Jackson without the appropriate medical equipment, precautions or personnel in place, and to the manner in which he left Jackson unattended, the court explained.(ANI)