Modi inaugurates two-day education summit in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, Jan.10: The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, inaugurated a two-day Education Summit 2014 here on Friday.

The summit aimed at providing youth a global platform for quality education. While addressing the gathering, Modi, chief minister of Gujarat, said that the society needed energetic youth.

“Our education system needs to train individuals and personalities who are energetic, full of life and for whom the society is in search of. We all need to come together and make this dream come true and generate this kind of a situation,” said Modi.

Meanwhile, Modi also added that youngsters should not run after white-collar jobs and should be ready to do any job with their utmost capabilities.

“Today, we see most of the youngsters are in a lookout for white collar jobs but why there is so much of hue and cry, I am unable to understand. This has in fact created a complex situation in front of us where no young person is ready to do petty jobs. Though the situation is changing but we need to bring in a change in the mindset of them where everyone is ready to do anything and no one looks at the job as big or small. This needs to be one of the priorities of our society and we need to look forward to make it happen,” Modi added.

The summit is also organised with a view to inform educationists, both national and international, about the achievements of Gujarat and to discuss opportunities and challenges prevailing in the fields of education.

More than 85 speakers and 100 chancellors of Indian universities including 1000 professors and foreign students of as many as 40 countries pursuing education in Gujarat and more than 5000 representatives from 204-districts of India participated in the summit. (ANI)