Modi sets target to reach 10 crore homes

New Delhi, Jan 18: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Saturday set a target of reaching 10 crore homes for party workers for the party to win the Lok Sabha polls.

“Whoever gets 20 crore votes in Lok Sabha will form the government. If you reach 10 crore homes, we will win,” Modi told district chiefs and co-ordinators and caretakers appointed for the polls.

“A huge social group is ready to fulfill its role. Ask them how they can contribute. Try to strike an emotional chord with them,” Modi said.

Modi also said party workers should approach women, as they don’t watch news and are unaware.

“Workers should go during the afternoon, when women are free after cooking. Show them CDs of BJP,” he said.

“Polling booths will fill when workers fill them,” he added.