US n-aircraft carrier to be deployed in Japan

Tokyo, Jan 15: The US Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington will be replaced by the same class carrier Ronald Reagan at Japan’s Yokosuka naval base in the latter half of 2015, media report said.

The George Washington, deployed to Yokosuka in 2008 as the US Navy’s first nuclear-powered carrier to be based overseas, will be sent to a Virginia shipyard for fuel replenishment, which is required every 25 years, Xinhua reported.

The Ronald Reagan that came into service in 2003 was dispatched to Japan for the relief mission shortly after the March 2011 earthquake-triggered tsunami in northeastern Japan.

Yokosuka Mayor Yuto Yoshida said he will approve the city’s continued host for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier as the deployment “serves to protect Japan’s security,” according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency.

The mayor also urged the Japanese Foreign Ministry to ask the US Navy to ensure that its service personnel behave appropriately in their dealings with local residents.