NCW to Kejriwal Govt.: ‘Fulfill promise for women’s safety’

Jaipur/New Delhi, Jan.15: The National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Mamta Sharma on Wednesday expressed concern for the safety of women in the capital after a Danish national was allegedly gang-raped, and said repeated incidents like these send out a very bad image of the country.

She also called on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to take necessary steps in order to ensure safety of women first.

“The message that is going out is very bad for the nation. Arvind Kejriwal has made a promise that their party will ensure women safety first. But so far no member of the AAP has issued a statement on this incident,” she said.

“I feel water and electricity are secondary issues; women security must be their prime concern. Today, I will look into this matter,” she added.

Congress women’s wing chief Shobha Oza, echoing similar sentiments, said that India’s image is declining day by day due to frequent rape incidents, but added that the police had to be alert, extra sensitive and efficient.

“This is very unfortunate that the image if India is declining day by day around the world. India is being called the rape capital. Mindset of the people needs to be changed. Police has to be more sensitive. We have to make India a rape free country,” she said.

Women rights activist Annie Raja said that a mere change in the government would not ensure women’s safety, and asked the government take such cases very seriously.

“What is needed is strong action and strong priority by the government that they will take these cases very seriously. They have to ensure that every action is taken. Constitutional rights have to be ensured for the woman,” she said.

“Any sensible government will not allow such incidents, they will jump into action. Sending a strong message to anti women forces is important,” she added.

A 51-year-old Danish woman has alleged that she was gang raped and robbed by a group of men near the New Delhi Railway Station late last night.

The victim told the police that she was gang raped and beaten after being robbed by eight men, after she lost track of the hotel she was staying in.

Though the victim flew to Copenhagen early this morning, she has alleged that she was attacked as she was seeking directions to her hotel. The suspects are said to have then taken her to an undisclosed location and raped her.

The men also took her money and valuables which she was carrying. The victim, however, managed to get to her hotel, and informed the police about the incident.

Police said they have nabbed six suspects in connection with the case. A television channel, however, quoted police sources, as saying that at least 15 suspects are being interrogated. Police said the victim had refused to undergo a medical examination before flying off to Denmark. (ANI)