Pak ranked 22 out-of-25 in 2014 nuke safety index, superseding India

Islamabad, Jan. 10: Pakistan has been ranked 22nd out of 25 countries on the Nuclear Materials Security Index (NMSI) for 2014 worldwide, superseding rival India, a US study revealed.

The 2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Index has ranked India 23rd, while China has been placed 20th on the index, Dawn News reports.

According to the report, Islamabad has shown maximum improvement recently among the other nine nuclear-armed states by updating its nuclear security regulations and implementing best practices.

In the 2014 NTI Index, Pakistan was a notable exception with its score increasing by three points as compared with 2012, the report added.

France, the United Kingdom, and the United States lead the nine nuclear-armed states on the NTI Index 2014. (ANI)